Reduce The APK Size

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Users often avoid downloading apps that seem too large, This article describes how to reduce your APK size, which enables more users to download your app.

You often build a single APK to support all your target devices whenever possible, which might result in a very large APK due to files needed to support multiple screen densities or Application Binary Interfaces (ABIs). One way to reduce the size of your APK is to create multiple APKs that contain files for specific screen densities or ABIs. Gradle can create separate APKs that contain only code and resources specific to each density or ABI. To learn how to configure your build to generate multiple APKs follow this link

  • Follow the picture below and your Android option should be the same as the image below Do Not select the green color frame to leave it unchecked
  • After selecting Generate Package Per ABI and after the archive process is done open your Installed APK folder and you will see as below
(Generate Package Per ABI) Install type

Now Your APK is about 148 MB without the Google compressor once you submit it to the google play console it will be 93 MB to 105 MB.

Usually, you submit the red framed archive as the image below which is 148MB
instead of submitting it, you can submit 2 APKs to google play by uploading the Archives which are pointed by the Green arrow and is 93MB in size.

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