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Follow the steps below to setup your app :

  • WoWonder PHP Social Network Script, you can get it from Here
  • Download Visual Studio 2022 from this link. It’s important to always work with the most up-to-date versions of code, Visual Studio, and any other products you use. For developing multi-platform app UIs, consider using .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI), a framework that allows you to create native mobile and desktop apps from a single codebase. Ensure your development environment is set up with Visual Studio 2022 or later, including the Mobile development with .NET workload for access to .NET MAUI templates. Note that only the community version is available for this purpose.
  • . Link to official docs here.
  • 1. Unzip the WoWonder archive and extract its contents into a new folder.
  • 2. Open the folder containing the extracted files and rename the folder to avoid issues in Visual Studio due to excessively long names.
  • 3. Locate the solution file named `WoWonder.sln` within the main folder, and double-click on it to open the project in Visual Studio. Wait for all components to load completely.
  • 4. From within Visual Studio, navigate to the Tools menu, select Android, then SDK Manager. In the SDK Manager, select and install SDK Platform 14.0 and version 5.0, along with any other required SDKs for your project.
  • Always install latest available Android SDK’s. We keep on updating our app to support latest versions of Andriod SDK’s
  • 1. Go to the Visual Studio menu bar, select Build > Rebuild Solution, click on it, and wait until the project build completes.
  • 2. Execute a ‘Clean and Rebuild’ operation for the project.
  • 3. If errors persist, delete the ‘bin’ and ‘obj’ folders, close Visual Studio, then reopen it. Wait a while to let the program process before doing another ‘Clean and Rebuild’.
  • 4. If the issue remains, uninstall the current software version. Download the latest version, extract it to your desktop, rename the folder, and open the project. Allow some time for the packages to restore before attempting a rebuild.
Note: Sometimes, you may encounter errors that aren’t caused by issues in the code but are instead due to the setup of the Visual Studio environment. The only solution to these errors is to follow the steps mentioned above.

If you have an error when making a build “NDK compiler exited with an error exit code 0” you should update to the latest version of NDK on your PC.


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