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  • Log into the Merchant Interface.
  • Click Account from the main toolbar.
  • Click Settings in the main left-side menu.
  • Click API Credentials & Keys.
  • Select New Transaction Key.
  • Click Submit to continue.
  • Request and enter the PIN for verification.
  • Your new Transaction Key is displayed.
  • If the Disable Old Transaction Key Immediately box is not checked, the old Transaction Key will automatically expire in 24 hours. When the box is checked, the Transaction Key expires immediately.
  • Go to Admin Panel -> Payments & Ads -> Payment Configuration, find and edit the following options:
    1. Enable Payment Method by clicking on the toggle.
    2. Mode – Choose Live (In case your app is in Live mode).
    3. Authorize.Net API LOGIN ID – Your API Login ID.
    4. Authorize.Net TRANSACTION KEY – TRANSACTION KEY you copied in the previous chapter.

You can activate and deactivate your app by setting the variable ShowAuthorizeNet.

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