OneSignal Notifications

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What is OneSignal?

OneSignal is a high-volume and reliable push notification service for websites and mobile applications. They support all major native and mobile platforms by providing dedicated SDKs for each platform, a Restful server API, and an online dashboard for marketers to design and send push notifications.

  • Sign in to the Onesignal Console at
  • Click on New App/Website
  • Choose your app name and platform then click next.
  • Fill out the form with your website information, then click save.
  • On the next page, ignore the page and click on Finish.
  • On the top navbar, click on Keys & IDs
  • Grab your OneSignal App ID & Rest API Key then go to Admin Panel -> API Settings -> Push Notifications Settings
  • Edit the following options for Android & IOS:
    1. OneSignal APP ID – Enter the OneSignal App ID you created in the previous chapter
    2. REST API Key – Enter the Rest API Key you created in the previous chapter
  • Finally, go to the file AppSettings.cs in the project and add the app id.
  • Every platform requires a new app, for example, you need to create a separate app for Timeline Android, and another one for messenger Android also for IOS
  • If You want to Disable Notification and Onesignal on your app set the variable ShowNotification.

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