Post System

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Add Post Options

In your application, you allowed who can add posts, all users, or only admin, by the variable:

Set the variable below to True or False to give the user ability to post images or videos or etc…

Native Post Options

  • You can select who is can show Post Privacy
    • true: all posts user have icon Privacy
    • false: just my posts have icon Privacy (default)
  • You can select how can see video from another location like:
    Facebook, Vimeo, TikTok, Twitter, DeepSound, and PlayTube by the variables with 3 options:
    • EmbedVideo: player video by webview
    • Link: add link video with lite info
    • None: don't add this type on newsfeed
  • You can Disable/Enable who can show Search For Posts
  • You can Disable/Enable auto play video
  • You can set On/Off for the volume state when playing a video
  • You can Disable/Enable who can show count share post
  • In the application, you can choose what type of reaction you want to use besides the like button
    1. Wonder
    2. Dislike
    3. Like
    4. Reaction by two styles (Default, Sunshine)
  • To fetch the fastest news feed¬†
    When you are using shared hosting or a very slow host it’s better to set the variable to 7 posts on each API request instead of 15 if you are using a fast host you can set it to 20 Post on each request

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