WoWonder Login

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If you are using WoWonder script, you can integrate your site.

  • Login into your website that is using WoWonder script as admin.
  • Go to, replace with your own domain name.
  • To correctly create the application, please fill in the application sections, which are explained below.
    • Name – Your application name. This is used to attribute the source user-facing authorization screens. 32 characters max.
    • Domain – Enter your website URL (That is using PlayTube Script).
    • Redirect URI –, replace with your own domain name (That is using PlayTube Script).
    • Description – Your application description, which will be shown in user-facing authorization screens. Between 10 and 200 characters max.
    • Image – Upload an icon for your application.
    • Click on Create.
  • Get your App ID and App Secret.
  • Go to Admin Panel -> Settings -> Social Login Settings -> WoWonder Configuration & Edit the following options:
    1. API Key – Enter the App ID.
    2. API Secret – Enter the App Secret.
    3. WoWonder Domain – Enter your website URL (That is using WoWonder Script).
    4. WoWonder Icon – Enter your icon image URL (That is using WoWonder Script), example:
    5. Enable WoWonder Login.
  • Finally, add info keys in your AppSettings.cs class file in your solution code as below:

You can activate and deactivate your app by setting the variable ShowWoWonderLogin.

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