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  • Sign up with PaySera then Log in to your account. In the menu on the left choose Settings > Profile Settings > Service management > Change.
  • Select Collection of payments online via e-banking and other systems and click on Order
  • In the left menu please select Projects and Activities > My projects and click on Add a new project.
  • In the opened window, enter data of a new project: In the section Service provider enter your online domain name.
  • If you are not using any platform, select I will enter the project address manually and enter the website address.
  • If you are using a platform, then in the section I will use a platform, a list of platforms will be provided and, after selecting one of them, the address used will be entered automatically.
  • In the section Service description briefly describe the services you provide. If you are selling physical goods, enter the refund policy and delivery terms. More information on the description of the project is provided here.
  • You can change the information and service description later as needed: Enter the current phone number and email address in the section Contact details. If required, also specify other contact details, e.g. Skype. These contact details will be provided to your buyers together with a payment confirmation letter. The project ownership confirmation code is provided in the section Project confirmation; you should paste it in your website’s head section. This way we will be sure that you are the real owner of the website. Having completed the requested information, click on Save project.
  • Make sure that the website already contains purchase and sale, delivery and refund terms, privacy policy, and your contact details as a merchant. Submit the project for review only when the website has been fully prepared to be used by clients, the payment platform has been integrated and test payments have been performed. Your submitted project will be reviewed within one day.
  • After creating a project, you will be provided with the data necessary for the technical integration of the payment platform
    1. In the menu on the left under Projects and Activities > My projects you will find the project ID (Project number/projectid);
    2. In the menu on the left under Projects and Activities > My projects click on Project settings > General project settings and you will find the code required to confirm ownership of your website;
    3. In the menu on the left under Projects and Activities > My projects click on Project settings > General project settings and you will find your project password.
  • Go to Admin Panel -> Payments & Ads -> Payment Configuration, find PaySera and edit the following options:
    1. Enable PaySera Payment Method by clicking on the toggle.
    2. PaySera Mode – Choose Live (In case your app is in Live mode).
    3. Project ID – PaySera project ID you created in the previous chapter.
    4. Account Password – Your PaySera project password.

You can activate and deactivate your app by setting the variable ShowPaySera.

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