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With Braintree, you can seamlessly accept both PayPal and credit cards with a single integration. Your customers will never even need to leave your website’s checkout page to make purchases using PayPal! Instead, they will click a PayPal button – designed exclusively for Braintree merchants – and enter their PayPal credentials in a new window or lightbox.

PayPal Account:

  • Login to PayPal, then click here
  • Set your app name, and email address then click Create App.
  • On the top right side, you can see two tabs, SandBox and Live, Choose Live.
  • Go to Admin Panel -> Payments & Ads -> Payment Configuration, find PayPal and edit the following options:
    1. Enable PayPal Payment Method by clicking on the toggle.
    2. PayPal Mode – Choose Live (In case your app is in Live mode).
    3. PayPal Client ID – PayPal application ID you created in the previous chapter.
    4. PayPal Secret Key – PayPal application secret key you created in the previous chapter.

Braintree Gateway Account:

  • Login to Braintree gateway with PayPal.
  • Create API Keys from the drop-down menu.
  • then go to Processing Options to enable customers to pay with PayPal with:
    • PayPal Email
    • PayPal Client Id
    • PayPal Client Secret
  • Create or Find Merchant Account ID when clicking on Business from the drop-down menu & copy Account ID in your AppSettings.cs class file in your solution code.
  • then again go to API Keys from the drop-down menu, and Click the Keys tab & copy the Tokenization Keys in your AppSettings.cs class file in your solution code as below:

For more details, you can see the Images:


You can activate and deactivate your app by setting the variable ShowPaypal.

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