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Follow the steps below to setup your app :

  • AskMe Script, you can get it from Here
  • Download Visual Studio 2022 Here. Please remember, always use the latest code, latest visual studio, and other latest product versions of products.
  • Unzip the AskMe archive, extract it to a new folder, and then open the folder.
  • In the main folder, you will find the solution (Name: AskMe.sln Type: Microsoft Visual Studio Solution) double click on it and wait till everything is loaded.
  • Install all Android SDKs in your system, From your Visual studio go to tools menu >> Android >> SDK Manager Select the SDK 12.0 and version 5.0
  • In the Visual Studio menu bar go to Build > Build Solution, click it and wait till it finish building your project.

If you have an error when making a build “NDK compiler exited with an error exit code 0” you should update to the latest version of NDK on your PC.

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