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How To Set your application Report Mode "API Testing"

You can set the variables below to True or False to start checking your API response from your server
if the API fails you will get a message box in your application with the error of the API.

Don’t forget to set the variable to false before releasing your app to google play.

Why I am getting such errors?

The reason behind the errors is simple so let’s explain to you why you may face API problems.

EX: I cannot upload a profile picture. I cannot see any news feed. I press on like but it’s not like on my website! all of these issues are miss behaving of the API from your server-side end.
Here are a few fixes you need to know.

  • Your server side is using Cloudflare which should be disabled by default.
  • Your Max Upload limit in your server is small it should be 150MB at least, for more info.
  • Disable Mode_security on your server side, for more info.
  • You are not using the last version of the PHP script.
  • Your WoWonder PHP script API functions have missing files or are not updated correctly.
  • Choose a good Hosting server such as Ultahost which installs all the plugins you need.

I set the report mode and I am getting an API issue so what’s next?

If you are facing any API issue from your server-side you will need to contact the PHP support team from the link below and show them your API response as a screenshot.

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