In-App Billing Purchases

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This method is only available for versions with an Extended License.

In order to use the Google in-app purchase payment system in your mobile application, you will need to follow a few steps in the google play console as there are a few rules you should know.

There should be a temporary APK file Uploaded to Google play in order to fetch the Product ID (In-app License code) so you can proceed with your Build and package prices.

You can select what is the type for your Products ” In-App – Subs ” and just one type is can selected.


When creating a new product, you must use the same Product ID that you wrote in your app.

You must add the product in only one place either In-app products or Subscriptions.

Make sure you set ShowInAppBilling to true and in android manifest, remove comments from Blling line number 41. Just remove from

Please contact the Support Team in order to obtain the key to activate the extended version.

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